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  • Prices
    Character Illustrations Shoulders up: 300 USD Half body: 430 USD Knees up: 470 USD Full body: 530 USD Extras: Additional characters: +75% of single character price Simple background (plain colors, non-figurative): free of charge Detailed background: from +80 USD Simple tattoos, jewellery (with no particular details): free of charge Complex clothing accessories, lacing, crown, armor, weapons: from +50 USD Montage of separate, fully drawn characters: from +50 USD Book covers, dust jackets Basic book cover / dust jacket design: 1,000 USD (1-2 characters, minimal background, general cover design.) Full book cover / dust jacket: from 1,100 USD (1-2 characters, minimal background, full cover design, typography and text placement, formatting for paperback and/or e-book.) Extras: Additional characters: +100 USD Detailed background: from +80 USD Additional complicated details: from +50 USD Special finishes (UV spot varnishing, foil stamping, etc.): +50 USD Extra designs (end-papers, book edges, spine artwork etc.): TBD Social media graphics (3D mockup, banners etc.): +40 USD (Animals and any fantasy creatures count as normal characters.)
  • My current availabilities
    I do art commissions as a full time job, therefore, I book my calendar in the order I receive the enquiries in, although I always aim to adapt to the requirements of my clients as well. In this sense, I don't have a classic waitlist, as my availabilities simply depend on how far along my calendar is booked for. My current availabilities are the following: 2023: Fully booked 2024: Fully booked 2025: Q1. Slots available for booking Q2. Slots available for booking Q3. Slots available for booking Q4. Slots available for booking
  • How to book a slot in my calendar?
    Preferred contact method is via email, but I can also be contacted initially via Instagram as well. However, once we are moving forward with the commission, then please let's continue our discussions via email only, as it is a lot easier to keep track this way. As you will probably be looking to book a slot that is still several months away, it is perfectly fine to not have all the details ready at this point! Don't worry, you can decide on the finer details till the very day when I start working on your piece. However, in order to be able to judge the approximate time requirement of the task, and to give you a proper quotation, I will need at least the following information from you when booking a slot in my calendar: What use is the drawing for? For book covers, book art inlays, selling in shops as printed art, etc. How many characters do you want to be presented in the scene? How much of them would be visible? Half body, knees-up, full body? How complex do you imagine the scene, and the characters portrayed? For example, will they be wearing complex and detailed armor, weaponry, jewelry, wings? If you already know if the pose will be static or more kinetic, please describe that as well. Finally, please share any ideas on the complexity of the background you have imagined for the scene. Based on these, you will receive a quotation from me, along with a completion date. Once the proposal is accepted from your end, you will be added to my pre-booked list, which means that I will hold the slot for you until the deposit payment is due. The booking will only be finalised once the 50% advance payment is received, which is always due 3 months before the booked slot starts. The remaining 50% will be due after the final drawing has been accepted from your end. I also perfectly understand that ideas change over time - no worries, I'll do my best to adapt in every way, and if the changes effect the price, then we can just add/subtract the difference in this final invoice at the end.
  • How do you receive the final drawing?
    Once final approval is received, I will ask for the remaining balance to be settled - after the payment is received, I will send over the final piece in full resolution and full quality. You will receive the final drawing in the format discussed in the beginning of the process. If required, I can deliver the drawing with and without background as well - the one without background would be transparent in those areas which were originally covered by the background, and will be in PNG file format. I do not hand over PSDs or any other working files, and do not contribute or agree to the editing of the drawing in any way, after the handover. If you need foil layers or other effects on the drawing, please let me know, I am happy to help with that. Book covers and dust jackets will always be provided in a print-ready pdf format, but I will need the printing parameters (dimensions, bleed lines, etc.) beforehand. The final documents are to be sent to you via a download link.
  • What do I need to start the actual work?
    Please feel free to take your time to think about the details for your upcoming piece, till the day before I actually start working on it. This will typically be as per the originally agreed date, but if I am able to start earlier for any reason, then I will let you know in advance. I will need a detailed description of each character's appearance, including clothing and accessories. If you also describe their personality, that will help a lot to be able to more closely resemble their actual character. If emotional portrayal is necessary in the scene, then please describe the related circumstances in detail as well (e.g. "the character is feeling tremendous emotional pain from the recent loss of his love, mixed with anger towards those who have harmed her"). It is important to define the characters' poses. The characters' poses play a huge role in showing their personality, and are also vital in telling the story behind the scene. The more explanation you can provide for the overall scene, the better - photos or reference images showing the expected poses or emotions are also very useful! I typically work in a resolution and aspect ratio which would allow you to print my work in A4 format, at 300 dots per inch. If you want me to work in a different aspect ratio and/or resolution, then I will definitely need to know that in advance, before I start. Resizing the piece afterwards can only be done for an additional fee, and will require additional time as well (as there may be additional areas on the canvas which need to be filled with content). We must also agree on the colour profile (RGB - for digital use, CMYK - for print use), and the file formats required (JPG, PNG, or PDF), and any additional delivery parameters you may have (e.g. optional bleed border sizes, etc). If not discussed, I default to using CMYK colour and JPG as the delivery file format.
  • Workflow and approvals
    In the first round, I will prepare the sketch based on your inputs, and will send it to you for feedback. I will only proceed with the drawing once you have approved it, or have provided clear instructions on what to change, therefore, a timely response is highly appreciated to make sure we fit into the allocated timeframe. It's important to highlight that you cannot change the pose after approving the sketch, only for an additional fee, as I would basically have to start over again at this point. Minor modifications during the process are acceptable, of course, but if you want to make significant changes to the pose, costume, etc. after the sketch has been approved, then it will cost extra. Following the approval of the sketch, I will proceed to draw a coloured version, which I will once again send to you for approval. Once this is also approved, I will proceed to add the finer details to the piece, and to finish up the piece, taking your comments into consideration all along the way. This final version will once again be sent to you for approval. If the drawing needs more modifications, or if I have questions about a particular part of the scene, then there could be additional rounds of drafts sent along the way.
  • Payment terms
    Payments are accepted via PayPal, Wise (formerly known as TransferWise), or standard bank wire transfer. Invoice is issued for every payment received, using a dedicated invoicing program (not through PayPal), which is legally approved and acknowledged by the tax authorities of my country of residence. Invoices are sent via email in electronic format, digitally signed. 50% advance payment of the total fee is required no later than 3 months prior to starting work on the piece (or due immediately when booking dates which are closer than 3 months away). In case I am unable to start working on the piece on the starting day of the booked slot due to the fault of the Client (e.g. not received the necessary briefing, or the 50% advance payment), then the booking is cancelled, and any advance payments received for that booking are non-refundable. In case the Client decides to cancel the commission later than 2 weeks prior to start (i.e. advance payment has already been made), then the advance payment received is non-refundable, as I am highly unlikely to be able to sell that slot to anyone else in such short notice. The remaining 50% of the commission fee is due after the given drawing is approved by the Client. In case of multiple bookings, the remaining 50% is due for each drawing separately, after each piece is done and approved. The Client is kindly asked to cover the cost of the money transfer (e.g. PayPal fees, bank transfer costs, etc.). In case of using Paypal, this is approximately an additional 7% to be added on top of the total price to ensure all fees and currency conversion losses are covered. Using Wise (formerly TransferWise) for the transfer requires no transfer costs to be covered by the Client.
  • License terms
    My prices include the commercial license to use the drawing for any commercial or promotional purpose, including both print and digital. However, some uses other than the above (e.g. printing on merchandises, etc.), require separate arrangements, so please always clarify how the drawing will be used. Licenses are exclusive, no other Client can license the drawing. I, as the artist, maintain the right to share and showcase the drawing on my website and/or social media, as my reference work (date of sharing can be agreed upon to ensure that the Client shares first, or share via collab posts). I maintain the right to cancel any existing bookings, with full refund of deposits received (except in cases of delayed starts due to the fault of the Client, and cancellations after 2 weeks before start of booked slot - as detailed in the previous sections).
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